Monday, July 8, 2013

Junior Convention Kicks off with Dairy Jeopardy

The 2013 National Holstein Convention is officially underway in downtown Indianapolis, Ind. Today marked the official start of the Convention, and activities are in full swing with a flurry of Junior activities!

The National Holstein Dairy Jeopardy contest started the Junior competitions at Convention and other contest were held throughout the day. In three age divisions, almost 70 people buzzed in for their shot at bringing home the top award. Here are the results:

Junior Division
1st Place: Connor Erbsen, Illinois
2nd Place: Ryan Allen, Maryland
3rd Place: Cynthia Hamlett, Iowa

Junior Jeopardy victors (l-r): Connor Erbsen, Ryan Allen and Cynthia Hamlett

 Intermediate Division
1st Place: Travis Holtzinger, Pennsylvania
2nd Place: Jordan Siemers, Wisconsin
3rd Place: Sarah Thomas, North Carolina

Intermediate Dairy Jeopardy Champions (l-r): Travis Holtzinger, Jordan Siemers and  Sarah Thomas

Senior Division
1st Place: Tony Lopes, California
2nd Place: Philip Shanks, Illinois
3rd Place: Hayley Potts, Virginia

Senior division winners (l-r): Tony Lopes, Philip Shanks and Hayley Potts

At the Distinguished Junior Member (DJM) Luncheon, 12 DJM semi-finalists were honored. These youth interviewed today with a panel of judges, and the top six finalists will be announced on Thursday afternoon at the Junior Awards Luncheon.

  • Michael Bahl, Iowa
  • Rocco Cunningham, California
  • Carissa Doody, Maryland
  • Isaac Haagen, Pennsylvania
  • Charles Hamilton, Wisconsin
  • Breinne Hendrickson, Wisconsin
  • Chelsea Jones, New York
  • Hayley Potts, Virginia
  • Michael Schmitt, Minnesota
  • Rebecca Shaw, Pennsylvania
  • Derek Wasson, Pennsylvania
  • Kathryn Wendorf, Wisconsin
Distinguished Junior Member Semifinalists

The eight Young Distinguished Junior Member (YDJM) were also honored at the DJM luncheon:

  • Christy Achen, Indiana
  • Andy Doughterty, Iowa
  • Evan Gunter, North Carolina
  • Ross Laskey, Florida
  • Cole Leonard, Virginia
  • Austin Nauman, Wisconsin
  • Austin Schmitt, Minnesota
  • Cody Sears, New York

Young Distinguished Junior Member Finalists
Juniors also competed throughout the day with the Prepared Public Speaking Contest and Dairy Knowledge Exam, the results for these two contests will be announced at the Awards Luncheon on Thursday.
Check back tomorrow for more highlights from Convention Host Day activities and Indiana Social Night!

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